I Fight My Battles With Key Bindings


Harva, Tianna Fowler, 2013, mixed media

photographer: Jess Serricchio

To play Harva’s game click the following image below:



Ash, Tianna Fowler, 2014, mixed media

photographer: Robert Schaumloeffel

To play Ash’s game click the following image below:  (INCOMPLETE GAME AT THIS TIME)

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.49.16 AM



Pasha, Tianna Fowler, 2014, mixed media

photographer: Robert Schaumloeffel

To download Pasha’s game click the image below: (ONLY WINDOWS COMPATIBLE AT THIS TIME)

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.52.33 AM


Zarola, Tianna Fowler, 2015, mixed media

photographer: Robert Schaumloeffel

To play Zarola’s game click the following image below:



Meira and Nadia, Tianna Fowler, 2015, mixed media
photographer: Robert Schaumloeffel
To play Nadia and Meira’s game click the following image below:


Installation shots:


The forest has begun to change, it rises and falls in strange areas and the inhabitants morph and animate into strange creatures. A bird brings a dying message to a Leszonky named Harva. Leshy, guardian of the forest and the animals within has been captured and is being used against his home and charge. Harva, upon receiving the message, begins her journey across the forest to save father forest and return the land to its former glory and sanctuary. But first, she must get past its strange new creatures and hybrids.

Play at:



Elementalists once lived among the people as honored beings, rich in history and powers, but with a new king they are being rounded up by the smugglers – a group of criminals for hire. Ash, a young fire elementalist and her equally gifted ice elementalist sister are rounded up on a raid of their small village and brought to a holding island. When a riot breaks out, she is separated from her sister and Ash is left behind. She now faces a difficult journey where she must find her sister, but remain inconspicuous at risk of being recaptured.

Play at: http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/5vbmtep43eui5gy60fj8oq/of-sisters-and-thieves-demo-incomplete


Sailing the high tides Pasha’s ship is attacked by a kraken who grabs Pasha and brings her back to its lair. There she discovers the kraken is not beast, but machine, and creation of Sea King Mabuz. He asks the pirate princess, stolen from her mates and crew, to be his queen. Feigning interest she gains his trust before stabbing him and escaping in his kraken machine to find her beloved ship. However, back in his lair, the fallen king was going through a strange transformation.

Mabuz lives, and seeks revenge.

Play at: https://mega.co.nz/#!5s5lQYjC!DGguBunf77M4gSYg6irDqXpfbJ2YIIztydjsAPxbSN8


Earth, void of human life after a long war, has become a black market trading zone and home to the galaxy’s exiled criminals. Zarola is being sent to harvest mold samples from this hostile planet. Upon beginning her mission she believes she sees a human and decides to follow. With belief mounting she is led to an abandoned warehouse. Solidified in her decision to pursue this figure she enters the warehouse and attempts to locate the human, collecting mold along the way. Hopefully she finds this specimen – he or she be invaluable to her planet.

Play at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654687?updated=1


Depression is sometimes too strong a word. Sometimes life is just hard at given points in time and we fall victim to over active thoughts and underactive positivity. Nadia pushes her black box of hard feelings and thoughts through a greying world until she can push no further.

That’s where Meira’s purpose begins. She picks up Nadia’s melancholy and carries it for her so that she can move on with day-to-day life. Sometimes we just need some breathing room, and someone to give it to us.

Play at: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/654743?updated=1

Close Ups of Boxes







Watch the video featured in the projection by clicking the image below or by going to http://youtu.be/VIth8O23xdU