The Ginny and The Dressings

Exploring the idea of the tease of interactive art in contrast to “the tease” of the female form. The idea of underwear being a similar barrier of playful teasing as is the white line around interactive art in a gallery space. The idea of no touching, and the thought that if we were to touch – we’d be intruding on someones private(s)(space). The exploration of this theme is done so playfully and with humour. Also introducing ideas of bringing the private – public.


3rd Year Studio – Including from series The Ginny and the Dressings as well as pieces seen in series “She and Me” that are related.


Panty Drawer, Tianna Fowler, 2013, wood, stain, and acrylic.


Under-Wear, Tianna Fowler, 2013, wood, panties, acrylic paint

IMG_4453 IMG_4456

My Drawer, Tianna Fowler, 2014, Installation


Intimate Things, Tianna Fowler, 2013, Wall installation – first edition