She and Me

Miscellaneous pieces exploring the idea of femininity in myself and others. Overlaps in thematics, but no consistent strong thematic. Little blurbs to follow each piece.


Miss July, Tianna Fowler, 2012, Collage. Part of the PlayGirl Series.

Exploring the idea of women and nature. Ideas of women being as strong as nature, disruption of the gaze, and so on.


Feuillemort – Joyce and Jessica, Tianna Fowler, 2013, acrylic, collaged elements

Women and nature colliding. Creation of mythical nature creatures from women in my life.

reddressRed Dress, Tianna Fowler, 2012, Acrylic with collaged dress on panel

Inspired by the book Red Tent by Anita Diamant.

noblewomen egyptlaw

2 of 5 Part series – Beer Femme, Tianna Fowler, 2012, photo collage

The exploration of women’s part historically in beer culture.

IMG_4207 IMG_4210

Edible Woman, Tianna Fowler, 2012, mixed media

The idea of women as a consumable.

IMG_4182 IMG_4191 IMG_4216 IMG_4215

Her Drawer, Tianna Fowler, 2013, wood, acrylic paint

For this project an anonymous tumblr submission page was created where I asked women or female-identified individuals to submit a short blurb about things they keep tucked away in their drawer. The responses were varying in intensity from momentos of lost children, to weapons for protection, to hidden chocolate stashes, to sexual objects, to objects of past loves. The stories were personal, yet understandable to a large group of people. The objects were then cut out of blocks of wood and painted on the front, and the answers written on the back. People then were invited to go through “her drawers” and discover the objects hidden within.


Succulents 1 of 3, Tianna Fowler, 2013, acrylic with live plants

The idea of women as hearty and longstanding people – partially inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poem – Mushrooms.